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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weird but True Things I have Said

I find myself saying the strangest things. I'm not simply muttering weird things out of the blue; all of what I am saying is in response to the sometimes funny, often times outrageous, behaviour I see in our own home.

During the past week I have actually said these things to one (or more) of the girls:

1. Don't eat your flipflops.

2. Please take your feet off the wall.

3. You can use a knife. Ok, then, use your chopsticks. Never mind, just stop using your hands!

4. Who left the pen in the washing machine? Well, it exploded and now the clothes are clean but they're also stained blue.

5. Why are you wearing your underwear in the tub?

6. May I put some more olive oil in your hair?

7. I know you wrote, "Mom Love" on the backseat of the car. I love you, too, but please don't write on the car seats anymore...only write on, have some paper...yes, I know you already have a pen.

8. I know you want to be a puppy but I don't like it when you lick my arm.

9. Stop licking the door!

10. Just stop pouring apple juice onto your cereal.

11. Who put that red nail polish all over your face?

12. Is that candy or are you really eating chalk?

13. My name is no longer "Mom." When you want me, just call me, "Daddy..."

Saturday, April 18, 2009

For Susan Boyle...

In case you STILL haven't watched this clip on youtube, please please watch it NOW: and type in "Susan Boyle." Then sit back and prepare yourself to be moved.

Susan Boyle, you are my hero. You are better than Elaine Page. You rock. For every woman who ever wondered if Botox was a good idea, who thought they had to have beautiful hair and waxed eyebrows, or whiter teeth and tanner skin, you proved to them that you can be respected and adored for simply being yourself.

Dreams never die. They are either alive, achieved, or abandoned. Her performance is a reminder to never put your dreams away in your sock drawer.

For me, becoming a mother was a dream that I feared would be denied. It takes so much patience, perseverance, and stamina to hike up the unbeaten path rather than the ones most trampled. And once the dream is achieved, one needs to be awake and mindful of how precious it is and, perhaps, to dare to dream new dreams...

Just a day

Hi, everyone. I want to take a few minutes to capture some memories before they're forgotten...

Dora and Marta think the word "yummy" means "good." So, they constantly talk about the "yummy playground," describe their beds as "yummy, " and ask me to play "the yummy music." I haven't corrected them yet because I find it highly amusing.

Sometimes our communication misunderstandings are based on their limited English and my very limited Amharic. For days the girls asked me for "carsi," which are socks. I bought them each a package at Walmart. They repeatedly asked for carsi, and I kept getting them socks: gym socks-low cut and ankle-height, dressy socks, even socks with the days of the week on them (thinking what a great educational tool). Finally, while we were in the car surrounded by packages of socks Marta pounded Boots' carseat and said, "Mama, no socks, I want a carsi." Went back into the store and bought two booster seats.

When they were in Africa they must have been told emphatically that they would soon be going with their new family to New York. Unfortunately, they think the word "New York" means "home." So, whenever we are out and getting ready to leave they will ask, "New York to go?" When we spend time with a relative or friend they usually ask if she/he will be spending the night: "New York to sleep?" Nearly everytime we pull into the driveway they laugh merrily and exclaim, "New York, New York!"

This evening, as usual, Marta was riding Boots' tricycle, which is ridiculously funny to watch since she is 51 inches tall and her long skinny legs bend nearly to her head as she rides around. I told her that she needed to come in for bathtime. She stopped the bike, smiled, and said, "Sorry, Mama. No go inside. I'm at Red Light."

A good deal of their English vocabulary has been gleaned from singing songs. One of the traditional songs they like to sing has these lyrics:
"Mister Rabbit, Mister Rabbit, your ears mighty long."

Well, the English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher is Mr. Robert, so you can guess what happens each time he's here...the girls start loudly singing this song as soon as he walks into our house. And it's so darn catchy I find myself humming it all afternoon.

Speaking of music, they LOVE it. They listen to music--all genres--as soon as we are done with breakfast, all day, in the car, in their bedroom, in the playroom, in the kitchen, wherever they are the tunes are on. In addition to the Music Together cds, they love an ABC cd that Natalie received as a gift more than 2 years ago, and they can't get enough of the World Playground cds with songs in French, Arabic, Portuguese, and English. I will never forget the look on Dora's face the first time she listened to opera. She was absolutely radiant, and Marta squeeled with delight.

That's enough for now. I hope if you've read this far you have a better idea what these two amazing girls are like and how much we laugh each day.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Life with a rosy glow and pink cast

This week has been very, very good. Here are some of the highlights:

1. The girls started receiving ESL instruction today. The teacher said repeatedly, "I'm amazed at how much English they know." Well, perhaps it's because we have the uncanny combination of smart kids and a mom who constantly talks to them, at them, and with them. We sing. We shout. We harmonize. And we never, ever whisper.

2. I tried to teach the girls how to play racquetball today, and we had a blast smashing the little blue ball around the echoing court. I am beginning to think that tennis or squash might be the sport for these three girls.

3. We found out that a day camp in town costs $5,900 for the summer PER child, and after I finished choking, I found another one that runs for 6 weeks and is only $200!

4. We had fantastic visits with family: Pat and Jen came last weekend; then Dad and Carolann came Friday evening; and Sheila, Kavan and their boys came Sunday. It was wonderful to see everyone and the girls loved meeting more "agundaya."

5. Rachel brought GS cookies, a truckload of gifts, and our new Bible study text called Anointed, Transformed and Redeemed-A Study of David, when we met at Panera. I am so grateful!!

6. Amy stopped by with FOUR bags of clothes, shoes and goodies for the girls. They were ecstatic as they tried on clothes in the living room and pranced around like little naked deer.

7. We received an amazingly generous gift from dear friends of our family. You know who you are, and we are deeply touched!!

8. And the best news of all: Marta's fall off the monkey bars didn't result in a broken arm! It is only her wrist that suffered a "buckle" fracture. Dr. Orthopedist was great; he seemed highly amused by Dora and Boots in particular. He let Marta pick out her favorite color for her cast, and of course, she chose pink. His secy liked us so much she kept us in his office waiting room for three hours...I guess his office staff just didn't want us to leave because we were so entertaining.

Gotta go, Alem is calling and now Natalie is crying...