Saturday, December 25, 2010

Baby Jesus' Birthday 2010

Today is Christmas.  My mantra for the past four years has been, "Baby Jesus was King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords, and the Wise Men only gave Him three presents, so please, kids, you're not better than Him so do not think you're getting more than three gifts."  This meditation has worked fairly well...the kids' expectations have been reduced to a mere three gifts, however, it has blatantly backfired as I read Princess Diva's letter to Santa.  She did ask for only three things:  A huge trampoline for outdoors (I think they are about a grand), a Honda Odyssey (what do they run--$25,000 used?) and an I-Pod Touch ($300?).  So, as far as keeping costs down, forgetaboutit.   At the end of the day, though, each girl received three fabulous gifts and an overflowing stocking with additional goodies.  Two of the gifts were given by us, the parental unit, and one of the three gifts was attributed to Santa, so we would have someone else to blame when they started complaining about it.

So, with a living room brimming with gorgeous new gifts, what are the girls doing, you might be asking yourself.   THEY HAVE SPENT THE LAST TWO HOURS PLAYING WITH AN OLD YELLOW FOOTBALL THEY FOUND AFTER SOME WINDSTORM BROUGHT IT TO OUR YARD.  Are you freaking kidding me??  I know, I know, we all say the toddlers prefer the boxes over the games, and the bubblewrap better than the gifts but I thought these older children might take, oh I don't know, maybe 30 minutes or so to enjoy the stuff they have been begging for the past several months.  Lesson Learned.  Again.