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Thursday, February 12, 2009

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I can hardly believe that we will travel tomorrow! I am soooo excited my heart is dancing and my hands are jumping...making it difficult to even type.

I feel like Jesus is alongside me, holding my hand, and leading me one step at a time, always one step ahead of me at all times. For instance, today I meant to go into Staples but got distracted when I saw Radio Shack in the distance, so I ended up walking into the shack. The salesperson was very nice and managed to find 2 of the 3 things that I wanted. The third item, a 9.5 v adapter with 2 amps, was not on the shelf. When I said I really wanted it for our trip, he asked where I was going on vacation. "Well, it's not a vacation, we're going to Africa to visit an orphanage and we're adopting two girls. It's more like a mission trip than a vacation," I explained. A minute later, a kind tall salesman leaned over and asked where in Africa we were going. He then said, "It's funny. I was at a Bible study last night and there was a missionary we support from Kenya there. She was telling us about Eastern Africa and what's happening. I'd like your name and contact information so we can pray for you."

Does this kind of thing happen to everyone? I feel like each time I turn around I am being blessed in the sweetest ways by strangers.

And don't even get me started on my friends and family! They have been over the top in their kindness! Phone messages, cards, letters, gifts, meals, offers to babysit and provide clothing leap out at me. The amazing people at The Masters School in Dobbs Ferry sent over more than 1000 diapers and wipes for us to bring to the orphanage. I was flabbergasted. God is ALIVE and at work through these individuals!

You are such a light, dear friends, you know who you are, beaming so bright and sending a show of light and love everywhere you turn.

Thank you, dear ones. I love you.