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Monday, September 6, 2010

Flying High Mama

It's been ages since I've updated.  For anyone who is still actually checking this blog:  Helloooo!!  I am going to include a few photos from our recent excursions to the wonderful Children's Museum we visited recently.  

Before I do that, I want to share what the Princesses said recently.  Princess Diva Darling had to have two teeth removed due to her upcoming orthodontic work.  She completely freaked out (just like big sister Princess Moxie did when she had some teeth removed) over the notion of a "Tooth Fairy."  Her rant was  something akin to this:

"Mammmma! Wha???  A fairy?? A little person flying 'round my room while I was sleeping?? Flew under my pillow?  Awwwww, ewwwww, I don wan no fairy in my room flying around in the dark while I'm SLEEPING!  How did she get in?  Through the wall or a window?  How? Mama? What else can get in?"

So, Princess Moxie-as she's the Great Protector-led her sister downstairs by the hand and joined me in the kitchen:

"Mom, she's upset, but don't worry I told her truth," explained Moxie.

"What truth did you tell her?" I asked.

"You know, that you are the tooth fairy."

I looked over at Diva Darling.  She was looking at me with her large brown adoringly.  Truly in awe.

 "Really Mama?  You are the tooth fairy?"   she asked disbelievingly.

"Yes, sweetie, I am," glad to know that the real truth was told.

She continued to look at me with such love and then asked, "How did you learn how to fly?"

Deep breathe.  And this is where I went astray.  "Well, honey, there are lots of things I can do that you don't know about.  I've always been able to fly.  This is why I am so tired in the morning, you know, flying around to all the little boys and girls' homes to exchange their teeth for money. Now go, now, play now," as I ushered them into the playroom.

There are some people who just aren't ready for the truth, I suppose.

Princess Diva Darling at the Children's Museum

                 This is Princess Moxie (above) and Princess Sparky (below) also at the Children's Museum

The three princesses snuggling with a big umm queen?