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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Braids and Big Hair

"Hey, we made playdough, and it tastes really salty!"

Hi! A dear friend made a remark that she reads my blog. "Not a lot, of course, 'cause you don't update it often."

So, anonymous sweetie-pie (with the initials "RS") this one is for you!

And to my sweet soul sister in Atlanta (CW) who bemoans that there have been no photos of the girls recently (or ever, likely) I have posted some beauties here for you and your family to enjoy...

Pops taste better when they're shared...

The one above was taken on Picture Day at Princess Sparky's nursery school. I had the girls in darling coordinating dresses, but then they changed their clothes. Then they changed their clothes again. Then they changed their clothes again. So, we were a wee bit late for the "sibling photo shoot" and when we arrived the photographer asked, "What class is this?" I said, "They are siblings." He looked confused. "What class is it?" "They're siblings." I replied. "I'm sorry," he replied, "I don't get you. You teach a class called 'thereciblings'?" I laughed, "This isn't a class. I am their mother...these girls are my daughters... they are sisters...they are siblings." "Ohhhh..."

Have you ever had a Really Big Hair Day? Princess Moxie had a very big hair day recently...

Isn't she adorable?!

And here's another one, but with small hair, of Princess Moxie:

Her sister, Princess Diva Darling, on the other hand, is all about flowers:

And here's Princess Sparky, kicking back, as she listens to some EmmyLou Harris tunes in the car with her daddy:

(Before you go and call the circus, her feet are really not this big. I took the camera from a bad angle as I fell over laughing.)

And here's an even more recent view of Princess Sparky apparently trying to break her wrist just like her Big Sister:


Since their June 2008 physical exams, the girls have gained a combined 27 pounds! (Princess Moxie gained 12 pounds and Princess Diva Darling is up 15!) However, they are still slim enough to fit into Princess Sparky's size 4T dresses. It's the little known "Sleep 12 Hours, Eat for 6 Hours Straight-Then Run Around Like Crazy for 6 Hours-Diet." Works if you can keep it up; I've got the first two phases mastered.

That's it for now! May our all-powerful Lord Jesus Christ keep you safe and sound.
Trust Him.
Believe Him.
He's way too loving and good to ignore! :)


Friday, June 12, 2009

"Um, excuse me, but did I ask you for advice?"

I don't mean to slam anyone here. I just want to point out that people like me are not looking for advice or suggestions unless we actually say things such as, "What do you think of..." or "I'd love your opinion on this..."

Here are some things that have been told to be by random people in our lives as well as absolute strangers since we returned home from Ethiopia:

1. "Your kids should be in school. You should fast track them immediately. They should enter school immediately." (said by a medical professional who met my girls one time.)

2. "You should not put your kids in school yet. They need time to adjust."

3. "You need to buy the hair product in the brown and yellow tube."

4. "You need to buy Soft Sheen by Carson, it's in a pink bottle"

5 "You need to buy Hair Custard, it's available online."

6. "Are your kids always like this? Do you know about Reactive Attachment Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? You need to set your expectations." (said by a person I met once, at a funeral, before she uttered this gem.)

7. "Your kids should take tennis lessons."

8. "Your kids should be in gymnastics."

9. "Your girls should take karate."

10. "You should keep their hair in braids all the time." (really, all the time? I should never take them out, ever?)

8. "You should have them eat protein all day long." (great idea, I will install a feeding tube in the bathrooms)

9. "You should never give them any sweets." (uh-huh, let me take the lollipop out of your ear."

10. "You should take them to the city as much as possible."

11. "Whatever you, don't bring them to NYC too early."

12. "You should give them Benadryl."

13. "Give them Zyrtek, never give them Benedryl."

Ok, so you get the idea. I smile and say, "Wow. I didn't consider doing that."
And likely still won't.